On Constructions tendered for the Westmead Hospital Waterproofing to ICPMR & Black B Rooftop project to Western Sydney Local Health District and were successfully appointed the works, given a competitive price and detailed deliverables to implement the roofing upgrade works

In order to fulfil the projected Scope of Works, Handrail installation was required to the perimeter of both ICPMR and Block B Roof Tops, Engaging & demonstrating the qualified personnel in order to the remove both redundant and asbestos infected items, completing the works with a sealed sheeted waterproofing membrane. 

The project was completed in 2 separate stages, where safety of all parties working on the rooftops was a major priority. Minor setbacks where encountered due to inclement weather.

The complete waterproofing project was handed over successfully eliminating all previously affected water leaking issues.

Client: Western Sydney Local Health District

Time Frame: 21 Weeks

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