The change to our everyday living affected 100’s & 1000’s throughout the world in 2020. The unknown, the sudden changes & the adapting changes we all made in our every day life.

Our First Responder’s in the Medical Industry’s work load &demand for medical attention grew overnight, dramatically increasing day by day!

On Constructions where engaged on numerous emergency projects in preparation for the COVID-19 Pandemic, as the hospitals adapted & set up to ensure their resources where ready to treat the incoming patients.

On Constructions & Our team responded both quickly & efficiently to the project requests and acted on the urgent jobs at hand to ensure all patients and medical staff where safe;

  • Installing Glazed Partitions throughout numerous wards in order to provide ‘COVID Safe’ Bed Bays
  • Installing Gyprock Partitions & door sets throughout numerous wards in order to provide a ‘COVID Safe’ environment separating the corridors & NUM Stations
  • Building & Installing COVID Testing facilities.
  • Fitting out COVID-19 Call Centre Facilities
  • Lift Barriers

The works stipulated from our clients from inspection to handover where awarded with strict timelines. All where completed & handed over in time for occupancy, ensuring our hospital staff are safe whilst providing treatment to their patients.

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